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Unusual Wedding Outfit Ideas

A wedding dress tradition has changed a lot throughout the years, but the white dress remains most popular among brides worldwide. But if you want to stand out and breathe your own style into your wedding outfit you could try a colored wedding dress or these unusual outfit ideas.

Shirt Dress

Inbal Dror 2016

A shirt wedding dress is definitely something extraordinary in terms of wedding dress design. But it can look amazing regardless of its more casual style. Inbal Dror knows a thing or two about unconventional wedding dress design.

Ankle Boots

Oscar De La Renta

Pumps and sandals aren’t the only shoe options you have. Especially if you’re marrying in fall or winter a pair of sweet wedding ankle boots won’t hurt your look. Also you can enhance your outfit with booties if you plan to wear a short or asymmetric dress.

Snowflake Ring

Hearts on Fire Ring

A monster (or celebrity) wedding ring may still be the coveted design, but if you’d rather feel like a very special snowflake, there is just a shape for you. This Delight Lady Di diamond ring is a beauty, but you can also find different variations on the theme.

Colored Veil

Rose pink wedding veil

If you are not entirely sure about a colored dress why not try a colored veil instead? You can use it to accentuate your wedding color theme or opt for it as a something blue.

What do you think about these unusual wedding outfit ideas?

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