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Ideas of Activities for the Bridal Shower

bridal-shower-games-ideasBridal showers are the traditional way of celebrating the forthcoming marriage. It is usually organized by the maid of honor with the help of other members of the bridal party. As for the guest list, it should include the bride’s friends and family members.

The bridal shower usually takes place a month or two prior the wedding ceremony. Besides gifts receiving and wishing the bride happiness on her future marriage, showers are supposed to include the entertainment program including the games and activities.

Bridal shower games and activities

Mum is the word
Provide the shower attendees with the small bow or ribbon and have them attach them to their shirt. Warn the guests that in the course of the wedding they cannot say the following words: bride, wedding, gown, dress etc. In case the guests forget about a taboo and spell the forbidden word, have them take off their pin. The last person to have the bow or ribbon will be the winner.
Toilet paper bride
Split your guests into the groups of three to four people. Just make sure you have enough rolls of the toilet paper at your fingertips. Ask each group create the wedding dress for the chosen model using the toilet paper in just five minutes. They could also construct the accessories like the earrings, veil etc. Don’t forget to take the hilarious photos of this action.
Purse rad
Ask all the guests to take their purses and form a circle on the floor. Bride, who stands in the center of the circle, calls out the possible items such as the lipstick, driver’s license etc in the woman’s bags and in case somebody has it, she should raise it in her hands and shout “I have ….”. This person receives one point and the person with the maximum number of points becomes the winner of the game.
How well do they know
Come up with the list of questions about the bride and groom and ask the groom answer the questions before the shower takes place. The list may include the questions like “Where did your first date take place?”, “What size of clothes does your partner wear?” All the guests except for the bride receive the questions without the groom’s answers where they should mark on what questions the groom and the bride gave the same answers. Afterwards the hostess has the future bride respond these questions. As the bride finishes, she receives the groom’s answers. So, guests get the points for each correct prediction.


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