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Guide on Decorating Your Wedding with Balloons

wedding-reception-balloonsDecorating your wedding event with balloons is an affordable but at the same time diverse option. Besides being reasonably-priced, they are very easy to work with, come in the variety of colors and could be used to hiding the unattractive areas and elements of wedding venue.

Balloons add the festive atmosphere to any celebration what make them an ideal option for the wedding party decorating. Moreover, you can create the striking balloon decorations yourself with our simple tips.

Decorating your wedding with balloons

You may decorate the reception venue entrance with the balloon arch. For creating one you will need the balloons with opalescent effect in one of few wedding colors. You may complement the arch with the helium-filled balloons with the curly ribbons.
Balloons could be used not only as the floating elements, but also as the centerpieces. Simply fill the uninflated balloon with the sand and knot it with the curling ribbon thus creating the base for the artificial flowers. Take the helium-filled balloons in different hues and attach the curly ribbons to them. Then fasten the balloons of the distinct heights to the sand-filled one.
The traditional way of venue décor is letting the helium-filled balloons drift under the ceiling. In case you plan to have the large venue, it would be better making accent on the spot over the dance floor and buffet.
Balloon columns are a nice way to emphasize the entrance, buffet area and the dance floor.
In case you are planning the outdoor wedding, consider releasing the colorful balloons into the sky at the peak moment of your wedding ceremony. Don’t forget to inform that the local community about your plans.

Tips on wedding venue decorating with balloons

Using of white balloons along with two other hues will allow creating the beautiful balloons constructions: columns, centerpieces and arches.
Make sure that the balloons are kept away from the direct and bright light or heat since they could quickly burst. Thus decorating the wedding ceremony venue with balloons is not the best idea since the unexpected pop will disturb the intimate moment.
Once the reception is over, ask the guests that have children take the balloon constructions home.

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