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5 Unusual Something Blue Ideas For Your Wedding

Something blue is a nice tradition that doesn’t require a lot. But it doesn’t mean you cannot carry it out in a bit more interesting and unexpected way. There are quite a few things you can have in blue. But have you thought about these?

Blue Car

blue car

Arriving in a blue car to the ceremony or reception is a great way to honor the tradition. It’s bold and unexpected and contrasts beautifully with the white dress.

Blue Cake

blue wedding cake

A blue cake is a nice alternative to the buttercream classic white wedding cake. It can be dark, pastel, or sky blue thanks to all the edible dyes out there. There are so many ways to decorate it with color too.

Blue Hair

blue hair

Blue manicure or shoes are a great way to solve the something blue question but some like to wear blue in their hair. Good for them.

Blue Drink


A blue drink or a few blueberries in your signature drink is a nice fun something blue solution.

Blue Makeup

blue eyeliner

Finally, blue eyeshadow has been coming back every season for the past few years. There are so many ideas and ways to wear it in a modern way.


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