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How to Adorn Loose Bridal Hair

Loose bridal hairstyles are romantic and sweet and don’t require much work. A good blowout and some curling iron magic can do the trick. But sometimes plain waves are just, well, plain and boring so here are some ideas on how to adorn your loose bridal hair. There are quite a few ways of making beach waves look tad more interesting and appropriate for the occasion.

Loose Bridal Hair

Loose waves adorned with flower


Wreath is a great choice for a country wedding but in a context seems too obvious. So choosing a small wreath for the urban wedding can add a bit of unexpected charm to your loose curls or beach waves.

Side Pin

A side pin is a great way to add an accessory to the hair without making it look out of place. Choose a non-bulky hair piece and it will look flirty and romantic.


Flowers always make the hair look more beautiful and romantic. Choose a few tiny blooms to adorn your loose curls with or use fake flower hair pieces as they may be easier to fix to loose hair.

French Braid

A French braid at the front can transform the look and add a touch of country charm to it. Speaking of braids, thin plaits, fishbone braids, and a waterfall braid can all be used to define the crown and make the loose hairstyle more interesting.

Some volume at the crown will also add elegance to the loose beach waves. It’s also great if you want something a bit more formal but do not wish to sit through hours of hair and makeup before your big day. The best thing about all of these hairstyles is that they can be done at home by yourself with a little help from your relatives or friends saving you dollars if you plan a low-key budget-wise wedding.

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