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Summer Wedding Hair Inspiration: Top Knot & High Bun Variations

Summer heat is unforgiving. It makes the makeup melt away quicker and generally adds stress to an already stressful event such as wedding. Hair can play such a big role in reducing heat and sweat-related stress. If you are planning a summer wedding in a hot climate a top knot or high bun may be just the right hairstyle to make you both look and feel gorgeous.

Top Knot & High Bun Variations

You may associate the top knots with the ladies who are always on-the-go or hipster fashionistas but it’s a great way to keep cool during the summer wedding. The best part is that you can easily create this hairstyle at home without spending anything on hair maybe except for a pack of bobby pins and wedding hair accessories.

While top knot is quite plain and simple there are a few ways you can glam it up. Edgy modern brides can opt for sleek hair that ends with a messy voluminous bun. You can also opt for a messier version as well as a sleeker one depending on the style of your wedding.

The high bun is quite popular with the celebrities as it can be both formal and informal. A high bun may be a bit more difficult to do than the knot but it’s do-able without the help of a professional and there are still quite many variations.

An inverted French braid is one way to add a twist to your high bun updo or you can wrap it with a thin plait or a highlighted strand. Another idea is to style the front section instead of sleeking it back. You can also leave the fringe hanging loose or curl it to create a nice contrast between sleek hair and a wave.

Thanks to hair being up your neck and nape as well as face will stay cool throughout the day eliminating the need for countless tissues or touch ups. See how you can style your top knot/high bun in the gallery below.

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