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Unique Wedding Nail Design: 7 Striking Ideas

Creative way to style your nails if you are a bride
Creative way to style your nails if you are a bride
There are a lot of ways to style your nails for a wedding ceremony. You will find a myriad of various catalogs offering astonishing designs and embellishments. It is no longer a surprise if you, for instance, wear rhinestones on your nails or put some text as a pattern. Luckily (or unluckily) we are presented with a wide range of options today. This might have a negative side since we, the women, tend to get lost among the rich choices – and this happens quite a lot of with me. If you happen to suffer from the same disease and are planning to throw up a wedding party soon, here is your cure. Below are seven super adorable and extremely unique wedding manicure ideas that will make your choice much easier. Scroll down to get a fresh and stylish portion of inspiration!

7 Gorgeous and Creative Wedding Manicure Ideas

You can easily recreate the sweet couple of you and your beloved one in your nails’ design. Why to go for regular french styles or mono-colored ones, if there is such an amazing option available. One of your nails will remind everyone of the groom’s black tie suit, while the other one will be decorated in a way similar to a white bridal dress. Additionally, you need to embellish the rest of your nails with a lot of sparkling gold (or silver) – to add more glow and glamour.

There is another variation which I am sure will speak to many of you as well. A very delicate and exquisite nail design features an adorable powder pink, a modest amount of crystals creating a a lovely pattern as well as a single text print on the left-hand ring finger nail. The only two words that matter the most on a wedding day are imprinted as if a reminder to a bride of her main duty. I Do is what the nail design says and it perfectly fits into the concept of any ceremony.

In case you prefer brighter shades and don’t want to change your preferences even on the day of your wedding ceremony, there is no need to give up on your taste. You have a right to go for any color that you want, even if it is lust red that we are talking about. The glistening and glowing surface of the yummy nails make it hard to resist the temptation, whereas the engaging and creative design adds up to the overall impression. The lips print, cute hearts and Love text are combined in one single style in a gorgeous way. The white color make the embellishment elements stand out and offset the vibrance of the main shade.

In case you like the very first nail design, but are not used to wearing so much of the glittering metallic hue, then you will definitely love this particular option. You are free to go for the same style, but leave it without gold or silver polishing. Either classic white or transparent will make a much more moderate and sophisticated match.

If you are in love with various artificial materials that are used to create most unique and engaging nail designs, here is an astonishing style idea for you. Why to go for a regular and boring nail polishing, when you have a great opportunity to have some embroidered tulle added to your manicure. The intricately cut pieces cover your nails completely – this creates an image of incredibly luxurious and precious manicure. A beautiful composition of tiny flowers complete the stunning design.

If you would like to have more wording on your nails, then you are most likely to fall for this lovely design. Keep Calm and Say I Do is what your nails would scream, if you go for such a style. While it is very creative and artistic already, you can easily add some more of the classic embellishment – for instance complement the design with pink shades or flower pieces.

Finally, here comes the most elegant and modest wedding nail design of all the presented ones. Classic french style is combined with lovely hearts in white on the ring finger nails, while all the rest are decorated with a cute and very moderate dot in white. This style will perfectly fit those of who prefer to attract people’s attention with details other than your nails.

These were the 7 most striking and unique wedding nail designs. Which idea spoke to you the most?


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