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How To Pull Off White Eyeshadow

So you decided to go with white eyeshadow because champagne is a too common of a color for wedding makeup. Well, white can make your eyes look small and alien-like but when done right white eyeshadow can actually looks pretty unusual and glamorous.

White Eyeshadow Makeup Tips

White eyeshadow makeupDon’t Wear it Alone

Whatever you do, don’t wear white eyeshadow alone without an eyeliner base or a secondary color. It will look alien and pasty and make your eyes look really small especially if you choose matte product. What you want to do is break the whiteout on your eyes with some basic black or brown. Then the eyes will have more depth and dimension and won’t recede.

Black eyeliner is a classic. You can pair it with anything so you can’t go wrong with it. Also big dramatic false eyelashes are a great addition to an all white eye makeup. They will add contrast to the white eyeshadow without any extra effort.

Sparkly whites are usually best as they can be used to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and simply look more glamorous. Pasty ink-y whites are best used as base for other colors to brighten them up.

Go Beyond Waterline

If you want to open up your gaze steer clear of white eyeliner. Nude is the color you’re looking for as it’s softer and more natural. Although white eyeliner can also enhance your wedding look. You can do gorgeous things with a white eyeliner and totally get away with them on a wedding day.


When it comes to complex makeup looks it’s best to trust a professional and let them do all the magic and trickery. It’s also a great idea to try your wedding makeup in advance and see if it suits you and how it looks in the pictures.

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