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How To Personalize Your Wedding On Budget

Unique weddings are usually the work of months and months of planning. But if you have neither time nor money to make everything super personalized, here are a few ideas on how to do it on budget both financial and timely.

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Organize A Potluck

The best way to show your guests your amazing traditions and community spirit is by having a potluck with community’s best recipes and traditional family meals.

You can also serve your food family-style to bring guests closer together and save a little by ordering food in bulk.

Write Your Vows

Writing your own vows may seem tedious but then should it really? Why not just say what’s truly in your heart rather than go for beautiful sounding nonsense.

Serve Signature Drink

You don’t have to serve a signature drink if you don’t have one. And you don’t have to invent it just for the wedding, but you can really show your taste with a signature cocktail or even lemonade to give your guests something special. Every wedding has champagne and alcohol. If you believe alcohol isn’t for you then by all means do a dry wedding with tasty non-alcoholic beverages that go well with the food you’re serving.

Monogrammed Cake

A classic buttercream cake is a more budget-friendly option when it comes to cakes but you can really add a personal touch to it by requesting a monogram of your initials or names. Nowadays you can buy cakes online to make your wedding day go more smoothly.

Not every aspect of your wedding must tell your story or bear your signature but having people and things around that are truly meaningful will only make your wedding more special and memorable.


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