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Why Wear Colored Wedding Dress

With wedding traditions rapidly becoming less and less, well, traditional, it is surprising that the white dress is still so popular with the brides. With the abundance of wedding brands that cater to unusual tastes it’s easy to choose a perfect dress of your favorite color.

Today the meaning and symbolism of the white dress is quite lost with the ceremonies being less and less religious. You don’t have to do it just because some protocol demands it. Sure, some guests may expect a bride to wear white, but there are simply too many other options that can help you stand out and make your wedding look truly special.

Besides you can match your wedding dress with your wedding color theme or coordinate it with the groom’s attire.

You can express your unique style better and make your look truly unforgettable.

This year rose quartz and sky blue will be all the rage, but you can also go with the unconventional black if you think you will feel comfortable or if it suits you better.

A red dress might seem like too much, but it all depends on the designs and fabric. And while some bright wedding colors look amazing soft pastel ones that look beautiful and expensive are still more numerous and popular.

If you can’t decide between traditional white and your favorite color though, you don’t always have to choose just one. Think ombre or two-toned dresses or go with a colored petticoat. You won’t regret it!

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