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Dark Lipstick Look Ideas For Daring Brides

Dark lipstick is the new red. Seriously whenever you look you can see it. Berry, dark wine red, bordeaux. It’s a new beauty staple and you can totally pull it off on your wedding day if you dare.

Dark lipstick

It’s easy really. There are so many dark lipsticks on the market right now it’s just a matter of going in and finding the shade that suits you. The rules are old as ever, don’t go too dark and matte if you have thin lips. And don’t overdo the eyes. That’s pretty much it. But even there you’ll find exceptions and different ways to approach the look.

The best combination for dark lipstick is some neutral eyeshadow like silver or champagne depending on the lipstick and your skin undertones. Highlight the inner corners of the eyes for more drama. Or you can choose eyeshadow that is the same as the color of your lipstick but a much lighter shade or the hue that is in the same color family.

Dark Lipstick Makeup Ideas

Ersa Atelier Fall 2015

Ersa Atelier Fall 2015

Another great way to add drama to the eyes without overdoing them is false eyelashes. They add just the right amount of oomph to the eyes without making them look too accentuated.

If however you are a brave soul you could try pairing the dramatic eyes with the dark lipstick. It’s possible to do and black isn’t the only eyeshadow color for it. Try and experiment with the amount of color on the eyes to find the sweet spot between just right and too much.

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