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How To Save On Honeymoon Trip

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Honeymoon is a special thing for many, so if you need to have it in your life then you have to be smart with budget planning. First and foremost, decide whether you want a big wedding or a honeymoon. Since most people can’t afford to have both you should prioritize and work with what you have.

Say that you aren’t being pressured to throw a big wedding, have a small intimate family-style dinner, a cake and punch, or a BBQ cookout. Ditch these wedding items or find cheaper alternatives. Rent your wedding outfits and you’ll have some money left to pay for your tickets and hotel. Honeymoon registry can take care of the rest.

Honeymoon Registry

Give your guests an option to pay for a thing out of your honeymoon registry instead of buying presents. It could be a portion of your airfare or a massage at the best spa in the city where you’re heading. You can break down big sums into small portions and offer different guests to pay a small sum thus making at least a part of your honeymoon budget.

If you’re trying to have both then the registry makes even more sense. You’ll be able to have some money on basic things like tickets and hotel. Choose a cheaper destination and go with lower-end hotels. In many countries those aren’t as bad as you may think. Take advantage of all kinds of coupons, discounts, and sales you can. Some months are cheaper in terms of airfare and if you’re flying in low season hotels will give you a nice discount.

Planning Tips

To make sure you’re getting the best deals find out the periods when the tickets are cheapest for your destination and the hotels are empty. Sure, it may not be the time right after the wedding, but at least you’ll get to have a honeymoon.

Only pay for the tours and services that you really want to experience, otherwise take advantage of the locale and occupy yourselves with independent city walks (don’t forget a map or a GPS), self-made drinks and giving each other massages.

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