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How To Write a Wedding Vow?

Wedding vow
Wedding vow
When we plan a wedding there are a thousand of things to do and it is incredibly hard to keep all of them in mind. We happen to forget those things that seem to be not so important – most often we would give a priority to a venue interior and menu rather than a guest list, for example. This does make sense of course, as we ought to solve the greater issues first, but at the end there is so little time left for the minor details. One of such details is a wedding oath. Not so many couples dedicate a fair amount of time and effort to writing a vow and as a result the speech turns out to be not so spectacular as we wish. Therefore, one has to get familiarized with the key tips in writing a wedding vow.

Key Tips To Write A Perfect Wedding Vow

The hardest thing about any vow is to get started. In fact this is the hardest part of any writing piece – normally it is the ideas that you lack. In this case, the picture is quite different. You by all means have a general idea of what to include into your oath, but it is about the way you should present and order your thoughts that is challenging. Well, there is one great way which will help you out with this part. Make a circle chart and arrange all your ideas accordingly. This way you will be able to mark all the ones that you have already used as well as take a look at those points you have not covered yet. Feel free to put down anything that comes to your mind – no matter how ridiculous or personal it may sound. After all, it is much easier to take the extra things out than try to come up with additional ones.

One thing to start your vow is to use a quote from a book, movie or song that you both like. This might not necessarily give anything to your guests, but as long as the two of you recognize it, it will work in a perfect way. You can also insert quotes in other parts of your speech, just be sure that you do not have to much of them. Otherwise your vow will lack originality and therefore loose its essence.

Now we are getting closer to the question of what exactly to include into your oath. And the answer is everything, no matter how cliche it may sound. This is one of the most personal writing pieces that one can possibly think of, so you are free to mention anything you wish. However, be aware that there are certain things that your beloved one would not like to have covered publicly. So make sure you stay within the frames and yet do not sound too general.

One thing you can build your vow on is how you feel when your other half is around. Here you can use a hundred of possible metaphors to beautify your speech. You can also use various examples from you love story to bring up lovely memories and make this moment even more special. One can also go for funny or even awkward moments (as long as they are not way too embarrassing). In any case you should watch the reaction of your spouse-to-be and alter your vow immediately in case you are noticing that something is wrong.

You can definitely use different vow templates and samples as well as check out tons of actual wedding oaths. Keep in mind though that the more personal and unique your vow is, the more effect it will have. If you simply copy and paste a couple of generic phrases, the universe will not shatter of course. It will be your beloved one whose feelings might be offended – and this is the last thing you want to have on your wedding day, right? So go ahead and make use of the numerous examples, but only as a guidance.

When you have your oath written, it does not mean that you are fully done with it. There is still one more step to take – which is as important as all the previous ones. You ought to practice your vow. This is a must-follow recommendation and there should be no excuses to abstain from doing so. You can do it in front of a mirror, but it will be much more effective if you practice before real audience. Ask some of your closest friends (those with whom you will feel confident enough) and deliver your speech several times. Be sure to accept and take into consideration any sort of comments from your audience as this is something you will build your final version on. The only thing left to do is to revise your speech and polish your heartfelt vow.

Now that you are aware of the necessary steps one should take in order to compose a perfect oath, go ahead and start writing your own one!


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