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5 Wedding Items You Can Totally Skimp On

If you really want to keep it reasonable and save some money on your wedding to be able to go to your dream honeymoon or buy something for the house, here are the things you should totally skimp on and never think twice. They are simply aren’t as significant and you still have a whole life in front of you after the wedding.

Embroidered wedding shoes


While dress is something everyone will see and albeit not really remember, no one will be looking and evaluating your shoes. First of all, if you’re like most brides your long dress will cover them up. Secondly, you can buy cheap white heels ($50-$70) and decorate them with rhinestones and glitter yourself if you want to. It’s not that difficult so instead paying hundreds of dollars for designer shoes hire a live musician or keep the money in the honeymoon budget.

Save $550


Sure the photos will remind you of how beautiful it was, but really when you think about it, a cake tastes like cake, even if it’s a simple sheet cake. The point is don’t go overboard with different flavors, layers, and decorations unless you’re doing a sweets buffet or cake & punch only. After all a three course dinner will leave your guests full, so a simple classy buttercream sheet cake ($150) will do great for dessert. Also, if you’re planning to do cupcakes instead, compare prices with cake as you might end up paying even more for little cupcakes (each requiring some work) than a whole cake.

Save $ 200-$1,000


Not many will agree but more and more brides realize (unfortunately after the event) that flowers were an unnecessary (or an unnecessarily expensive) thing. And no wonder that at the cost of $75 to $250 for each table centerpiece (and chances are you need more than one) they will seem hardly worth it, especially after dying the next day. What you can do is buy some local seasonal flowers (5 per stem) and place one, two or three in a mason jar or a vase for simple but sweet table decoration.

Save $200-$1,050 (5 centerpieces)

Open BarDecorated wedding cake

Open bar is not your only choice to serve different types of alcohol you know, so before spending tons of money on it analyze how many guests are heavy drinkers and how many don’t drink at all. You might want to offer just beer and wine or a signature cocktail if your guests aren’t big on alcohol or drink only beer. And you don’t even have to hire a bartender if you distribute self-serve alcohol evenly throughout the evening.

Save $2,500 (min. rate for 170 guests $15 per head)


Okay, invitations are the smallest expenditure, but it’s just paper. Even DIY invitations can cost up to a hundred bucks. So why spend money on something so insignificant when you can send an email, pick up the phone, or make a video (DIY)?

Save $200-$400

Unless you forgo all of these altogether (which is impossible) you won’t save the total but you’ll definitely end up paying much less for these not very critical things. Thus you can save up to a few thousands of dollars and make better use of them during your honeymoon or make a payment on the house.

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