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5 Wedding Costs You Might Not Be Aware Of

Sticking to a wedding budget can be quite difficult when there are so many amazing details you would love to add to make the big day totally unforgettable. However, everything is possible especially when you know what to expect and how to deal with it. Let’s find out what wedding costs can be hidden from the radar so you could prepare for them or find ways to avoid them.


1. Photo/Video Overtime
When you book a wedding photographer and videographer you usually set an exact number of hours they will work during your wedding. But a wedding can run longer than you expect. And if it does, the photographer and videographer will charge per hour. To avoid this, plan everything precisely and add extra time for getting dressed and taking photos.


2. Music Band Equipment
When you book a wedding band you agree to pay for the musicians’ time and a set of minimum equipment they will need. However, if you are planning to hold a wedding in a large reception venue you might need additional speakers and microphones to provide good sound quality. So, before you sign any contracts with the music band or a DJ, explain them what your space is like or even show it to them to make sure the equipment they have is enough. If extra equipment is necessary, negotiate everything beforehand to be ready for the bill.


3. Wedding Dress Alteration
Considering the fact wedding dresses are very expensive their alterations can’t be cheap. Ask the wedding dress store about how much it will cost you to alter the hem or rebuild a bodice (or any other operation), and if it is too pricey, find a professional seamstress who could do it for less money.


4. Mailing Wedding Invitations
Of course you want all related to your wedding to be special, including invitations. But have you ever thought that bulky, oversized or awkwardly shapes invitations will require extra money to send? Keeping this in mind, think about having invitations which are perfect but simple.


5. Cake Cutting
You may not even be aware of the fact that you have to pay for cake cutting. If you use a bakery related to your reception site, the charge can be included into the cost of the cake. If you choose another bakery, you will pay for slicing and serving each piece of the cake and washing the dishes afterwards. So if you don’t want to add just one more item to wedding budget, opt for a cake provided by the site. Just negotiate the details of your cake.


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