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5 Amazing Unusual Ways To Spend Honeymoon Without Flying

Flying is costly, add accomodation and entertaintment and a week-long trip can turn into a fortune-worth expenditure on your wedding budget list. If you don’t have that much money yet or you simply don’t like lengthy flights or can’t stand airplanes at all for that matter, here are a few no-flying honeymoon options that also happen to be mostly very budget-friendly.

Honeymoon Ideas That Don’t Involve Flying

Honeymoon in a camper van


While cycling can be lots and lots of fun you have to have a route. Plan it carefully and visit a new place each day picnicing in the nature away from city noise and enjoying each other’s company throughout the trip. Besides, what a great way to stay in shape after all the wedding and honeymoon dietary celebrations.

Camper Van

If you love camping even more why not rent a camper van and go glamping with style and comfort? Choose a spot with spectacular views to take your breath away and create just the right atmosphere for star-gazing and romantic bonfire dining.

Go Skiing

If you’re lucky living in a mountain area with a four-season climate, you could spend your honeymoon in a winter resort skiing, drinking champagne in a jacuzzi, and make marshmallows in a fire pit.

Take Train To Beach City

If you’re living next to a city with a beach then why not take a train or bus there, stay in a modest hotel, and enjoy both the lazy seashore vacay together with some urban entertainment like concerts, plays, museums, and all kinds of artistic and cultural exhbitions.

Take A Cruise

Well, this isn’t a budget option but if you still want to travel, why not take a scenic route and cross the Atlantic, for instance? If budget is an issue when it comes to honeymoon, here are a few other budget honeymoon alternatives.


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