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Alternatives to the Diamond Engagement Rings

engagement-rings-rubyIn case you don’t want to follow the generally accepted rules and want to go the original way or have the limited budget on purchasing the engagement ring, there are a lot of alternative gemstones to the traditional diamonds. Let’s take a look at them.

Alternatives to the diamond engagement rings

Sapphires are the second most-popular gemstones used in the engagement rings, since they have the hardness that guarantees a long wearability of the ring. In most cases sapphires have the blue tint, however you can find some in the yellow, pink, purple, orange and light green.
White sapphires
White sapphires are an imitation of the real diamonds. Even though they cannot boast the diamond’s characteristics, white sapphires are still strong enough, however they don’t have the coloring chemical properties of other types of sapphires. So, if you are looking for the budget-friendly option, consider the traditionally-looking white sapphire.
Owing to the deep red color, rubies were very popular among the royalty around the world. Moreover, red color is the symbol of love and passion. In fact, rubies with the highest quality are priced higher than the diamonds.
Synthetic Stones
Another inexpensive option is the diamond-like stones including moissanite, cubic zirconia and cultured diamonds. All of them are almost colorless and have much lower prices than the original diamonds owing to their synthetic origin. Besides, they can boast the bigger clarity than any natural stones.
One of the alternatives is presenting your girlfriend the birthstones that include the traditional, contemporary, zodiacal and Hebrew stones. Some months have the same stones like the ruby is the stone of the June, while others change depending on the list used.
Favorite color
Base your choice on your partner’s favorite color. For instance, if she like purple, you can buy her an engagement ring with an Alexandrite or Tanzanite.
Family heirlooms
Figure whether your or her family has the heirloom stones that you could use in the engagement ring. In the result you get the engagement ring with a family history.


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