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Original Ideas for Summer Wedding

Summer is a great time for having wedding and we are here to help you to come up with original wedding ideas. These ideas will refresh your wedding reception and make the memories in people’s minds and hearts last for long. So, take notes on the most interesting details and don’t fear to implement the most appealing ones, even if you consider them to be over the top at first sight.

Original ideas for summer wedding

Outdoor lounge area
. Instead of the ordinary hotel or restaurant for the reception, you may opt for the open lounge area. This is a good way to provide your guests with the intimate atmosphere, where they can easily relax from the city fuss.
Cocktail popsicles. A nice alternative to the habitual cocktail at all wedding receptions are the cocktail popsicles. They will bring the touch of cool and freshness to your wedding day.
Bridesmaids in skirts. Bridesmaids in skirts worn with the tops look not only mischievous and fun, but also bring to the wedding the spin of originality. This combination is an ideal option for the outdoor weddings.
Party by the pool. The wedding reception set by the water- what a romantic and refreshing ambiance. Besides, the reflection in the water will provide with the indelible effect.
Umbrellas. The great idea of the wedding favors is providing each of your guest with the paper parasol in order to save them from the sunny outdoor ceremony.
Fruits and vegetables. Summer is always associated with fresh fruits and vegetables and it would be amazing to include these healthy products into your wedding day. Besides being healthy and refreshing, they are available in variety of bright colors that would suit any color palette.
Tent. Don’t forget to arrange the tent at the venue area in order to protect your guests from the harassing sun rays in a stylish way.

Jell-O shots
. The original option of serving alcohol during your wedding reception are the Gourmet Jell-O Shots. They will definitely surprise your guests at the cocktail hour or reception itself.
Long tables. The latest trend is the al-fresco dinning. The long tables will add your reception a touch of royalty.

Outdoor ceremony
. Sure, church is a wonderful place for the wedding ceremony, but it would be a sin not to take the opportunity of the welcoming weather and set the outdoor wedding ceremony.


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  1. Lanvin

    Oh wow, this idea with jello and lounge area is great. I will try to use it at my wedding next summer.

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