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How to Set the Wedding Buffet

Wedding-BuffetWhen it is time for making the decision about catering your wedding reception, a lot of couples tend to choose the buffet style of catering. It allows not only significantly save on your wedding expenses because of avoiding the table service, but also let your guests eat whatever they want and choose the appropriate portion size.

Usually the wedding buffet is set 2 hours prior to the start of the wedding reception. In fact, the hardest part about setting the wedding buffet is choosing the specific options to serve at your wedding reception.

How to set the wedding buffet

Decide on the number of the serving lines. If you plan a bigger wedding with more than 50 guests, it would be better setting two lines.
Discuss with your caterer the way the visits of the buffet line will be carried in order to avoid long awaiting in the lines. One of the most useful ways to solve this problem is inviting tables up one at a time. Besides don’t forget to figure the way the plates will be removed from the table- your caterer should provide attendants to take away all the mess.
Protein is the perfect option for the main course. Usually it is a meat entrée. In case you opt for the fish, make sure to have a second protein option for the guests that don’t like fish.
At least 12 other dishes should be available including the salad, fruit and rolls. Ensure to include the grain-based foods like rice and pasta. Consider serving the range of the light appetizers like crackers with cheese so that everyone could find something for himself.
As for dessert, candy buffet is a great idea. One of the ways to add an interesting twist to your wedding reception is letting your guests take out candy in the small boxes as party favors. Consider offering 8 to 12 types of candies. Sometimes couples tend to place the candy buffet right by the cake table.
Don’t forget to decorate your buffet tables. The simplest way is to cover them with the tablecloth in the matching colors or use the table runner. In case you decide to place the flowers on the buffet tables, ensure to avoid blooms with strong aroma otherwise the smell of the food and flowers can blend. Avoid placing the centerpieces on the buffet tables, the skillfully served food is the decoration itself. While it is acceptable to place the small candles, lights or even balloons on the candy and dessert tables.

Tips on setting the wedding buffet

Ensure the buffet lines don’t prevent people to walk and occupy the minimum space.
Discuss with the musicians about starting the music or entertainment part once the last person sits down with the food since by this moment the first people that received their meals are about to finish.

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