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Great Ideas of Outdoor Wedding Lighting

lanterns-weddingOutdoor lighting is one of the most romantic wedding elements, especially when it is done properly. So, in case you plan having the outdoor wedding and look for some original ideas, you should not look further. We bring to you some fabulous lighting alternatives for the outdoor wedding ceremony and reception that will definitely amaze your guests.

Beautiful wedding lighting is able to create the unique atmosphere for your big day. just make sure your wedding photographer knows his business.

Wedding lighting ideas

Nowadays they are offered in distinct shapes, styles and sizes, so you can easily find the ones that would suit your wedding theme. In my opinion the lanterns with the candles inside look more romantic than those electric ones, however they are more dangerous. Besides, candle lanterns require the frequent candles replacement during the wedding celebration.
Candle jars
Mason jars already became an ordinary thing at weddings. Contemporary couples like to decorate their weddings with mason jars. You may simply put the tea candles inside the mason jar and fasten it together with other jars. Candle jars look amazing both as centerpieces and as separate lights.
Tiki torches
This is an ideal option for the outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. If you want to impress everyone with beautiful aisle, simply line the tiki torchers along the aisle for the striking entrance. Tiki torches not only guarantee a lot of lighting, but also last longer and frighten off the bugs. Besides, they could hardly called costly.
Christmas lights
Depending on the style and overall theme of your wedding, you may opt either for the white or colored lights that will add the vibrant feel to your wedding. The cool thing it that they come in different sizes. You may use them in almost every area like tables, chairs, trees, arch etc.
Wish lanterns
Want to add the romantic feel to your wedding and not to spend much? Then consider the wish lanterns that don’t require many efforts: all you need is light the fuel cell and let it go in couple seconds and you will enjoy the magic spectacle for 12 minutes.


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