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Top Wedding Invitation Mistakes

You will be surprised to find out that even the simplest things like wedding invitations require you to know certain nuances for creating the perfect wedding stationery. Find out what are the common mistakes brides tend to do when ordering their wedding invitations.

Common wedding invitation mistakes

Don’t overload the design
Remember the golden rule “Less is more” when choosing your stationery design. While it is nice to add the personal touch to your wedding invitations by opting for the colors that would match the reception color theme, don’t try to overload it with a lot of details like lace pattern of the bridal gown, color scheme of the venue and images of flower arrangements. Instead go for one, which is the boldest one and is able to evoke amongst the receivers the complete impression of your wedding day in full.
Proof read
Even despite your high grades in English grammar class, you can still miss grammatical mistakes or simply misspell somebody’s name. So, in order not to confuse the receivers with illiterate text, ask the grammatically inclined person proof read it. Also, check each invitation with parents from both sides since you may accidentally write your cousin’s name incorrectly.

Too much color
Potential newlyweds tend to introduce a lot of bold colors in their wedding invites often not considering the fact that that can be too much. Always look for the golden balance between the bright and neutral hues and also don’t forget to make sure that the text is clearly seen. The good idea is opting for three to five basic colors where one of them should be neutral.
Don’t address the envelopes by yourself
Avoid addressing the envelopes by letting the special stationery service do its job. Besides, it won’t cost you much or can be even free. If you still have to do it yourself, take time in order to avoid possible mistakes.

Don’t let postpone the reply
The simplest way to have your guests lost is giving them too much time on reply. So, try to determine the deadline, for instance four weeks maximum after they receive the invitation. More time for reply and they will simply forget about your wedding.
Don’t over- order
You should remember that there is no need on sending invitation for every single guest since some of them may live at the same place. Before sending the invites, look through the guest list in order to find out which people live together.

Insure yourself by ordering extra invites
There is a bunch of things that can happen to your wedding invitations: for example, you may simply loose them or spell someone’s name incorrectly and ordering producing of extra invites could be costly. Also, don’t forget to order the additional amount of envelopes.
Put stamps on envelopes
Though this is obvious, some people tend to miss this important detail.

Weight the invitations
Once we are ready to order the wedding invitations, just a few of us will think about their weighing at the post office in order to avoid the further problems.
Don’t postpone the calligrapher booking
Try to hire the calligrapher as soon as you sign the contract with your stationer so that they could start working jointly. There could be the risk of paying the rush fee in case you postpone it.


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