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Top Places for Destination Wedding


In case you don’t want to limit yourself to the local place where you are currently living and dream of the wedding in the special unique place, we will try to help you with our top places ideas for destination weddings. You will easily find the place on the list that will meet your interests and preferences, there is a bit for everyone here.

Top places for destination wedding

Italy has always been associated with romance and love. So, why not to have your wedding in one of the most romantic place in the world? You have a plenty of locations to choose from like Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence and Tuscany, which teem with the stunning places where you can tie the knot.
ItalyThe only thing you should consider- your guests should have their passport in time for attending your one of a lifetime occasion. Moreover, you will probably need the help of the local wedding planning specialist in order to get the most out of your wedding celebration.
The welcoming city in Colorado is a heaven for the mountain fans. Popular for its beautiful mountains, it remains amongst the favorite places to visit by the A-list celebrities who come to enjoy the bright sunshine and snow. Believe me, you guest will appreciate the idea of visiting Aspen for your wedding celebration.
aspenOutdoor weddings are regularly held both in summer and in winter. Only keep in mind that winter season is a peak time in Aspen, what will be reflected on the prices.
Paris has acquired its title of the most romantic city in the world for the reason. Paris has its unique atmosphere, which couldn’t be met anywhere else. It is beautiful regardless the weather and the season of the year. Moreover, it is a cultural, historical and architectural center of Europe. All of that together make Paris an ideal place for wedding celebration.
ParisJust think about it, you will get the stunning wedding photos in front of the symbol of France- Eiffel Tower and in the chic gardens.
Napa Valley
Wine devotees would appreciate the idea of wedding conducting in Napa Valley, California, which is well-known for its amazing Vineyards that go along the Highway Route 29. Napa can boast the world’s best wineries and restaurants. It gets very crowded especially in September and October times, which are the peak of crush season and thus are accompanied with the high prices.
Hawaii is considered to be the traditional place for the beach weddings. Hawaii and always warm and friendly and that’s what make them an ultimate stop for this memorable occasion. Moreover, it offers six islands for you to choose from, so you will have no problems finding the one that will suit your criteria.

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    I’ll choose Aspen. What are wonderful place to get wed and stay for the honeymoon.

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