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Foliage Is Pinterest’s Predicted 2016 Trend

Pinterest has published its 100 predicted trends for 2016 and one of them was foliage wedding bouquets and arrangements. And it makes sense. The more couples try to be budget-savvy the simpler the decorations get. Oh, but make no mistake about their showiness and sheer beauty.

Foliage Is 2016 Trend For Wedding Bouquets And Arrangements

Wedding foliage bouquet

Sure flowers are beautiful but they are also quite expensive especially when it comes to professional arrangements. They also wither pretty fast. Foliage and simply ornamental plants may not come at same cost but can also be arranged by an amateur and look completely natural and gorgeous.

wedding arch arrangement

You can also choose one type of foliage to decorate your wedding arch or even a table. You can add a bit of produce or fruit to the picture or you can include a few blooms that will definitely stand out among the foliage.

Foliage is also much easier to find than blooms so you can ask around your neighborhood for especailly showy plants and gather up a substrantial decorating material for free. Having bushy potted plants in your venue can also decorate the place and make it much livlier and you will also be able to save a tone of money on floral decorations if you hold a reception outdoors.

The beautiful thing is that you can pair your greens with anything and you can use any plants, herbs, and leaves you can get your hands on. Your foliage bouquet can be as dramatic as you want it to be and it can also have inclusions of seed pods, berries, ferns and  many other decorative things.

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