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5 Fruits And Vegetables For Creative Wedding Decor

If you don’t want your wedding decor to die and wither right before the end of reception or you simply don’t want to splurge on costly floral arrangements produce can prove such great material for decoration you’d be surprised. There are a lot of ways to use any fruits and vegetables but here are our favorite edible ornaments.

Creative Wedding Decor

Apple candle holders


Apples look amazing in bouquets but make them too heavy to carry. You can fill your table centerpiece bowls with apples and present them as is or go with food spray paint and make some metallic apples for contrast. Apples are available year round so they won’t bust your budget.


Carrots look great in a vase, in case you didn’t know. They are a perfect fall pop of color that you can fill your table vases with and throw in some greens for good measure.


Artichokes are those greens you can combine in a centerpiece with the carrots. The flower-shaped vegetable has long become a bouquet filler and will look nicely in a table arrangement as well.


Lemons are sunny and perfectly decorative. You can slice them and line your vases or you can simply scatter them around the table.


Pomegranates are positively dramatic. You can use them alone or with inclusion of dahlias here and there. You can also arrange them with grapes and figs for a decadent dramatic look. Open or whole, pomegranates are an ultimate pop of color in fall winter nutptials.


Pumpkins are great as they are as they come in a variety of shades and sizes. You can also paint them, cover them in glitter, carve them up and monogram them. Whatever you do, they will decorate the space from an aisle to the reception table.

You can use these alone, all together or with inclusions of greenery and flowers. That way your table arrangements will look even richer and more adundant.

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