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Five Reasons for Being a Bridezilla

Bridezilla is an offensive characteristic, but in some moments it is just impossible to control your negative emotions. In case you are not certain about your pre-wedding and wedding day behavior, we are here to help you. We present you five situations when it is acceptable being a bridezilla.

Five reasons to be a bridezilla

Wedding caterer screws up
Every bride wants her wedding day to go smooth and according to the plan. So, if you booked the BBQ restaurant caterers for your wedding, you will be definitely pissed off to find out that they ran out of BBW chicken or beef brisket. It is unacceptable for the caterer to break your plans at the very last minute; they should inform you beforehand about the changes.

Dress doesn’t fit
Major part of brides tend to buy the dress of a smaller size than they are in order to be motivated to lose weight by dieting and sweating out in the gym. That’s not the way to go since the diets and crazy workouts sometimes don’t lead to the right result. So, in the result you get an angry bride and the extremely tight dress. You would better buy the wedding dress that is a bit smaller than your frame.

Incorrect flowers
Flowers are an essential element of your wedding ceremony and reception décor. The first thing you discuss with the florist is the flowers he would use in the flower arrangements. Prices on flowers are not that low thus it is essential that the florist keeps up with the discussed flowers and budget. So in case anything goes not the way you have planned, your florist should notify you immediately.

Family issues
Planning a wedding is a very stressful duty and the issues with the family members will add the unneeded stress. Most of the times the family members try to protect the couple from their differences, however there are situations that the couple gets in the center of the family conflict. In this case you are free to ask them to leave you alone. You are not obliged to deal with the family or in-law drama on the most important day in your life.

Bridesmaid issues
Usually brides choose their family members, fiance’s family members or their close friends to be in their bridal party. You accept them to show up on the big day on time and provide you with the necessary help. Unfortunately it is not the way it always happens. So, if you bridesmaids forget about their main responsibilities and get a bit more drunk than they are supposed to be, it is ok to get a bit mad.


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