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Tips on Keeping Your Flower Centerpieces Fresh

How to Keep Your Wedding Flowers FreshOf course the artificial wedding flowers can boast the longevity, but nothing could be compared to the magnificence and romance of the natural wedding flowers. The top priory with using the natural blooms is keeping them in the decent condition both throughout the ceremony and reception. However it could be a real problem if you plan an outdoor wedding when it is hot outside. Proper preparation and treatment will keep your wedding flowers vivacious all day long.

How to Keep Your Wedding Flowers Fresh

How to prepare your wedding flowers

Keep you flowers in the vases filled with the cool water before having them arranged. Don’t forget to add the flower food, which is available for sale at the flower shops, strictly following the directions on the package. In case you don’t have a flower food, consider replacing it with the sugar (1 tea spoon per vase).
Get rid of the bottom leaves from the flower stems, so that there won’t be any leaves under the water. Besides it wouldn’t be an extra removing the outer petals; this way you will protect them during shipping.

Cut the bottom of the flower stem with the knife of scissors. The cut should be diagonal. Do the procedure while holding the flower under the running water.
Fresh flowers should be kept in the dark place with low temperature inside. Don’t put them close to the vegetables and fruits since they produce the ethylene gas, which the flowers fading.

How to treat the wedding flowers

Sprinkle the wedding flowers with the cool water in order to make them look fresh.
Have the flowers delivered to the venue as close the start time as possible. While the draughts will fray the flowers, the direct sunshine provokes the premature petals opening.

Have the vases with water kept handy so that you could put in them the bouquets with the uncovered flower stems from time to time. Every time you need to hold a bouquet for the photoshoot or the ceremony, simply take it out of the vases and then put back again. If possible try to make the fresh cuts on the stems every time you put your bouquet in the vase.

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  1. Tex Hooper

    Great tip about cutting the fresh stems for the vase. My sister is getting married and we are in charge of getting the rose bouquet. I’ll have to hire a florist to make sure we get the right centerpiece for their table.

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