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Meaning of Jordan Almonds as Wedding Favors

Nowadays guests on the US weddings could be surprised with getting the candied nuts as wedding favors, but this type of nuts has the special significance in the major part of the European and Middle Eastern cultures. Besides being nice sweets the guests could try while waiting for the wedding cake, Jordan almonds have carry the particular meaning when used as wedding favors.

Significance of the Jordan almonds as wedding favors

Until the 15th century pastry cooks used to coat the almonds and dried fruits with honey using hands. Contemporary confectioners utilize the machines to peel and lighten the almonds before covering them with sugar.
Jordan almonds mean the vital desires of the couple of newlyweds. The bittersweet taste of the candied nuts coated with sugar represent the positive and negative sides of the marriage, while the sweet sides still prevail.
At the Greek weddings the odd number of almonds stands for the unity of the husband and wife in their marriage. At the Italian weddings the couples used to fasten certain sentiments to each Jordan almond like health, wealth, happiness and longevity.
Besides the taste, the color of the Jordan almonds also matters. White stands for the purity and happiness, while pink and blue symbolize the christenings.
Interesting fact
Back in the 15th century the Duke of Ferrara used more than 260 pounds of Jordan almonds as wedding favors at his son’s wedding.
There is a belief that the Jordan almonds can be used in fortune-telling. If you want to dream about the man you will marry, put the favors you take from the wedding under your pillow to see whether the belief holds the true.jordan-almonds-wedding-favors


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