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Wedding Gowns for Plus Size Brides

Every single girl dreams of being a princess on her own wedding. Probably that is the reason for the prolonged search of the perfect wedding gown. In case your body structure goes a bit beyond the standard figure and you wear the size 14 and more, the process of wedding dress finding could be compared to the disaster.

You keep looking in the wedding magazines and bridal shops, but all you see are the skinny models in the dresses of your dream. But what should do the brides with curvy and a bit overweight figures? The majority of brides can rarely boast the bodies of top models and starving before your big day is surely not a solution.
In order to help you with this complicated issue, we have prepared some tips on choosing the ideal wedding gown for your type of figure.

Tips on buying the perfect wedding dress

Start the choosing process as soon as possible. The more time you spend on looking for your perfect dress, the less stress you will get.
Take a look at portfolios by professional photographers rather than checking wedding magazines. These portfolios usually include photos of different types of dresses on brides of distinct constitution. In the result, you will figure what silhouette will suit your body type best.

Avoid buying the dress of smaller size expecting you will lose weight consequently. The only thing you will get the stress of worrying about the wedding day coming too soon and loosing the euphoria of preparation.
Try wearing the wedding dress with the underwear you plan to put on during your big day. Keep in mind that corset can create a huge difference to your size and shape, but don’t over try with it. If you are not a constant corset wearer, shrinking the waist by 2 inches is enough. The bigger shrinking can lead to bruising or even subsiding during the wedding ceremony.

When trying on the wedding dress for the first time, go for doing different things like sitting down, walking and even dancing in order to make sure it doesn’t hobble or bulge. Ask somebody to look at your back and check whether it looks as stunning as it does in the front.
Seems like informal wedding dresses are intended exceptionally for women with curvaceous bodies. They are distinguished with the simpler design, material and minimum of detailing comparing to the traditional wedding gowns. While ideally suiting the garden and waterfront weddings, they could be also chosen for the formal wedding ceremonies.

Consider opting for the wedding gown in usual hues since the habitual white gowns don’t usually flatter women with non-standard figures. One mixture of colors to consider is the Scottish tartan. If you still want to look traditional at your wedding, instead of the snow-white color go for the ivory and cream hues.
And last but not the least- don’t hide your body in the shapeless gown, rather embrace it. Figure what are the best part of your body and don’t be afraid of working around them.

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