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Types of Wedding Dress Necklines

wedding-gown-1In your dreams you see yourself trying on different types of wedding dresses and looking stunning in each one of them, but the reality shows that certain necklines are intended for certain body types. Stop thinking that it is necessary to show off your best body parts at once while wearing the wedding gown. Our simple guide will give you an idea about various types of wedding dress necklines.

As a rule, necklines are named after the shapes they embody. For instance, the “Sweetheart” stands for the neckline shaped like a heart. But there are some complicated ones like “Bateau” and “Queen Anne” that require the prior studying before you ask for them in the bridal stores. The key thing is emphasizing your strong features, while concealing the weak ones.

So, if you got the collar bones any model would be jealous of, but at the same time the broad shoulder set, you should better avoid Assymetric and opt for the Bateau.

We are presenting you the list of neckline types in order to simplify the wedding dress choosing process. The best thing you can learn before actual purchasing the dress is getting useful information for making a thought-out decision.

Types of wedding dress necklines

It has a strap that is going across the front from either shoulder. This neckline style looks original and stylish. It allows accentuating the collarbone, but is not recommended for wearing by brides with broad shoulders. In order to draw more attention to the neckline and make your dress look even more interesting, you may consider adding the flower.
The neckline goes along the natural arc of your collarbone. Usually the back and the front part have the same shape. This type of neckline allows the visual breast enhancement.
Halter top
Endow neckline allows full coverage of the breast and breast bone area, only arms and shoulders remain uncovered. It will suit brides with the wide shoulders. Women with narrow shoulders and bigger breast should avoid this type of neckline.
If follows the curve line of your neck. This neckline is intended for brides that look for visual increasing their chest, otherwise consider other type of necklines.
Off the shoulder
This necklines goes a bit below the shoulders and perfectly highlights both the collarbone and shoulders. It will work well for brides with full breast or pear figure. This neckline is definitely not intended for women with broad shoulder and full arms.
Similar to the off the shoulder neckline, this style frames both the shoulders area and collarbone. This is a suitable alternative for brides with full arms and sticking out collarbones, but will look terrible on brides with the barely noticeable collarbones.
Queen Anne
Queen Anne allows perfect demonstrating of bride’s seducing décolletage since it opens the lower front of the chest. It works with nearly all types of body and provides with the figure elongating.
Scoop is distinguished with the u-shaped neckline silhouette. Besides suiting the majority of body types, it remains the best choice for brides who seek for simplicity and elegancy in the wedding dress design. The depth of the neckline can vary depending on the impression you want to make.
Following the logics, the square shaped neckline is shaped like a square. Women with the fuller breast won’t miss in case of opting for the dress with square neckline. In fact, it is able to suit any body type.
Strapless gowns lack both the sleeves and straps. That wouldn’t be a perfect choice for women with small chest. Well-endowed brides with the nice shoulders line, on the contrary, would have to at least try it on.
Sweetheart neckline repeats the bust line. It could be either strapless or not, but both of the types works perfect in terms of emphasizing the cleavage of rides with full bust.
Just like the previous neckline, this one will flatter brides that can boast the nice breast of size B or C-cup, but won’t work for brides with A-cup. The plus size brides should consider this type of neckline as well as the brides who have the hour glass body type.

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