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Meaning of the Colored Wedding Dresses

Nowadays the wedding gowns come in the range of colors, thus the contemporary brides are not limited to the traditional white or ivory hues. The popular bridal designers including Vera Wang have introduced the colored wedding dresses long ago. So, in the result, more and more brides tend to opt for the non-traditional colors for their wedding dress. However, all the colors have the meaning behind them. They all stand for the particular feelings and emotions. So, you might find it useful when choosing the wedding dress in the unusual color.

Meaning of the colored wedding dresses

Blue color of the wedding dress signifies about the femininity and purity. Besides it means the stability, perpetual loyalty and safety.

The white color means the innocence, purity, kindness and chastity. White is associated with the perfection. This hue is considered to be the traditional wedding gown color, which is out of the fashion and time.

Ivory have the similar meaning as the white wedding gown. Besides, it is very traditional. However, some consider the ivory to be the symbol of the tainted innocence. This is an old fashioned opinion and the contemporary brides opt for ivory since it better flatters them.

Red is the symbol of the numerous emotions like the love, passion, infatuation etc. In numerous cultures like in the Indian one the red wedding dress is an obligatory element.

Pink stands for the innocence, femininity, childishness and freshness. Besides, the pink wedding gown will add a playful and flirtatious feel into your look.

Black is often seen as an eerie hue and is considered to be a weird pick for the bride. However, the black wedding dresses are highly popular among the contemporary brides. Besides looking elegant and classy, black allows visual stretching and thinning of the frame. Black stands for the poverty, sexuality, wealth, sophistication etc.

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    color does play a role as far as what the bride would like but these days color is subjective but its not to priority now a days



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