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Destination Wedding Outfit Ideas

Bringing a wedding dress to the beach may be a romantic thing but not most practical. Surely if you are inviting guests that may just be reasonable but if you’re eloping and marrying in an intimacy of the water and an officiant then you might want to reconsider the dress part.

Summer Style

summer destination wedding dress

Or you could opt for a breathier summer dress option. What can be more romantic than a light white beach dress flaunting beautifully in a salty breathe? Another up

Sheer Beauty

Wedding beach dress

The problem with body-revealing dresses is that they aren’t always appropriate in an urban or country setting. Beach, on the other hand, is a perfect place for a crop top outfit, a sheer bodice gown, or a see-through skirt.

Swimsuit Tops

Lisa Marie Fernandez Arden white swimsuit

Some swimsuits are so good they can be worn as tops. This ruffled gorgeousness could become a trendy addition to a white maxi or skater skirt. Depending on what you’re going for – maximum comfort or something more fancy.


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