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Common Wedding Makeup Mistakes

There is no doubt that wedding day is the moment when brides get to look like the princess not only in terms of wearing the stunning white dress, luxurious jewelry and high-heels, but also in terms of having the fancy hairstyle and professional makeup. But unfortunately, some wives-to-be think that wedding is the day for wearing a lot of makeup, which is a total mistake. We came up with the list of the most common makeup mistakes brides tend to do on their biggest day.

Top bridal makeup mistakes

Excessive amount of make up looks vulgar on bride’s face. Sure, wedding is a big thing but it doesn’t necessarily require the tons of cosmetics on your face. Follow the principle “less is more”.
Don’t stick to latest trends. The trends change constantly and something that is considered to be the hottest trend today will be out of fashion tomorrow. The same thing happens with makeup trends. All you want is looking at your wedding photos in 5 years and have the makeup done in the classical and neutral style, which is timeless.

Opting for makeup that is not your. If you are not used to wearing a lot of cover on your face, then you should probably avoid it at your wedding day too. Your number one task is looking just like you, but a bit fresher.
Forcing everybody to get made up. Sure, bride’s and groom’s moms would do everything in order to please their children, even if they feel uncomfortable wearing makeup. So, don’t force anyone to get made up at your wedding event since they also go through stress.

Don’t overdo it with facial procedures. The biggest mistake of majority of brides is rushing out for getting the extreme facial procedures like peelings, tans, teeth whitening etc and unfortunately the consequences from them could be harsh. Continue with your regular skincare procedures, but also try to keep the healthy diet, exercise and get enough sleep.
Don’t touch your face. Once the wedding makeup is on, avoid touching it during the wedding day. All you will need are the blotting papers and powder for preventing the shining face and a lipstick, which you will reapply after the numerous kisses.

Over shining. Sure, the latest glamourous trend dictates women to have totally shining face, but the fact is that such faces usually look greasy in photos. Limit yourself to putting a little highlighter on your cheekbones and under the eyebrows area, but avoid it on the whole face.
Don’t use lip gloss. Lip gloss will better suit the simpler and calmer events. The large-scaled events like weddings require brides to kiss and dance a lot. You would rather keep your lips creamy and matte.

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