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Tips on Choosing the Bridal Necklace

You have probably already picked the stunning bridal gown and already decided on the best suiting hairstyle to complement your beautiful wedding look. Now it is about the right time to pick the jewelry especially the bridal necklace. You should base your choice on the wedding gown neckline.

Tips on choosing the bridal necklace

Heirloom jewelry
Sometimes the bride’s mother or grandmother decides to take part in the “something old” custom by presenting the heirloom jewelry for you to wear on your big day. This way you should try to demonstrate your vintage jewelry best and find the low-neckline dress.
Pearl necklace
Necklaces and earrings with pearls are the number one choice among the contemporary brides. Despite the fact whether you opt for the authentic, cultured or simulated pearls, you should bring along the fabric swatch of your wedding gown to find the pearls of the matching color. Pearls are available in the range of lengths and come in the collars, chokers and strands so that you could find the right one for your type of neckline. Keep in mind that stands that are longer than 19 inches are not appropriate for the wedding gowns.
Chokers and collars
Chokers and collars will best suit the round or sweetheart-shaped necklines. Don’t complement the strapless gown with choker or collar since it will show the disturbing blank area between the gown and the jewelry. Strapless gowns require the long necklaces.
Pendants with the single stone
If you plan to wear the halter wedding dress with generous neckline, consider accessorizing it with the single-stone pendant. It could be either the single pearl or the gemstone in the matching hue.
In case your wedding gown is richly embellished, it would be better either avoid the necklace or opt for the gold chain or necklace with the plain design. Keep in mind that an excessive amount of jewelry will clash with the embroidery of the wedding gown.

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