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Original Ideas of Bridal Shower Flowers

bridal-shower-floral-arrangementsFlowers can add the romantic mood to the bridal shower. You may either order the floral centerpieces from the florist or make your own centerpieces. There are plenty of choices: fresh, silk or hand-created from the paper or crystals.

You may either go for the main centerpiece or the range of small ones to place on each table. Flowers will help to beautify your bridal shower and make it a special occasion for the bride.

Original ideas of the bridal shower flower arrangements

Garden or tea party
To embellish the bridal shower with the garden or tea party, consider using the floral arrangements with roses, baby’s breath, small carnations and daisies placed in the china cups. The elegant floral arrangements will bring a romantic look to the guest tables. Moreover, the bowls with fresh garden flowers will cost you much less than the ordinary flower arrangements. Garlands of tulle tied to the swags of flowers will beautifully adorn the shower cake or gift table.bridal-shower-floral-arrangements
Simple elegance
The formal bridal shower requires the flowers corsages with carnations, daisies or irises. You can put them by the place cards. Also consider having your guests wear their own corsages all the way through the party. The buds of flowers placed in the glass or silver vases will add the elegant touch to the guest tables along with the glass bowls filled with the floating candles and flower petals. Small topiaries placed on the cake table or by the entrance is also a nice way to add the elegant touch.
Novelty flowers
If you want to go for the conservative centerpieces, consider choosing the nosegay filled with small flowers in the bright hues. Complement them with the embellished hankies or the pair of lacy gloves in white color. Use as the containers the small boxes made from metal or wood painted in accordance with the overall wedding theme. Consider engraving the bride’s initials or the neat images on the boxes for the personal touch.bridal-shower-floral-arrangements

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