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Ideas of Bridal Shower Decorating with Tulle

In fact tulle is an ideal material for decorating the bridal shower venue. Tulle is a light netting that is available in the few width, bolts or spools. It comes in more than 30 colors, which guarantees that you will find the matching color for your wedding theme.tulle-wedding-decor

Simply go to the stores with the sewing materials and purchase the certain length or the entire bolt of tulle or nylon netting. Tulle is budget-friendly and can be reused again. Moreover, you don’t have to be a professional decorator to use it: you may use it in the range of ways.

Area décor
Decorate the bridal shower area with the tulle streamers to substitute the crepe paper that should be usually thrown away. Attach the fluffy satin bows every couple feet onto the tulle streamers to reach the effect of draping. String an open ring or a heart over the cake or the gift table with the falling tulle streamers all the way down to the floor. Line the inside of the parasol in the pastel shade with the tulle and clusters of flowers for the gorgeous appearance that you may hang from the ceiling.
Don’t forget to decorate the bride’s chair- tie the tulle bow on the back of the chair for the romantic feel. The sparkling confetti scattered on the tulle will create the magic glowing effect. Also don’t forget about the staircase, wrap the tulle around the balusters and railings.
Food table
You can adorn the food tables by attaching the tulle with the flower patterns to the table edges and creating the folds for the fluffy feel. Put the cake on the layers of the multicolored tulle. Consider wrapping the favors in the tulle circles tied with a satin bow.wedding-favors

You may also place them in the baskets that are lined with tulle for creating the stunning table centerpieces. Embellish the bridal shower cake knife with the bow for the chic feel.
Gift area
Adorn the gift table with the white lights wrapped with the tulle. Another way is stringing them to the edge of the table cloth for the magic ambiance. Place the small bows made from tulle in the center and along the sides of the table front.

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    My daughter is getting married and I love these tulle globes but how do you make them? Thanks

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      My daughter is getting married in April and I would love to know how to make these Tulle Globes, can you help me ?

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