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Decor Ideas for the Outdoor Wedding Showers

outdoor-wedding-showerNature and the natural elements is the main source of inspiration of the outdoor wedding shower decoration. Regardless the fact whether the wedding shower is held on the porch, patio or in the backyard, the stunning decorating elements will allow setting the tone and adding the festive vibe to the celebration.

Try to keep the decorations simple, but at the same time striking. This is easy to carry with our simple tips and improvised materials you can find at your home or any craft store.

Ideas of decor for outdoor wedding showers

Install the shed in case the area doesn’t have the roof or tent. Even if the weather forecast doesn’t prognose it to rain, you will still need to provide the protection from the sunrays. In most cases the tents renting companies will install them for you. In case you plan the small wedding shower, consider purchasing the awning at the garden store.
It is necessary to set the focal point for your outdoor wedding shower. It could be the adorned seat for the bride open for the observation so that the guests could watch her open the gifts. Use the tulle, ribbons or balloons for the chair decoration.
Embellish the food and gift tables using the white tulle. Place the large vases filled with white flowers like carnations or daisies around the tables. Put the cake in the center of the food table, while the gifts could serve as the centerpiece on the gift table.
Pick the flowers in the bright hues like gerbera daisies for making a color accents at your outdoor party. Put them in the vases or bowls and place them along the shelves or wide railings. Gerberas are sturdy unlike the majority of flowers and won’t break up in the breeze. Anchor the centerpieces using beautiful rocks or seashells.
Hang the mini-lights all over the wedding shower area. String them to the railings, overhangs, across the awnings and tent border. Decorate the venue entrance with the balloons.

Tips on outdoor wedding shower decorating

The garden arch is not the obligatory element, but it can serve as a stunning entryway.
Ensure to provide sufficient amount of extensions cords for the outdoor lighting.

Outdoor wedding showers decor ideas

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