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Napa Destination Wedding


Being from Texas, the region where the large weddings are welcomed, this couple wanted to avoid the standards and do something different. Olivia ( the bride) visualized an intimate destination wedding in the circle of the closest people in the California’s wine countryside. She set her choice on the beautiful Napa.

From the very beginning Olivia wanted to set the winter affair in the stunning regions of Northern California. Olivia examined the range of the beautiful venues and still couldn’t find “the one” until she visited Calistoga Ranch. Everything seemed to suit Olivia’s vision of the ideal wedding venue.


The four-day long celebration was intended for 45 guests, which included the welcoming reception at the Hotel Yountville, master class of the wine blending, riding on the hot air balloon and the rehearsal dinner in the traditional family style at Michael Chiarello’s restaurant called Botegga.

Both the wedding ceremony and reception took place at the wine cave, it was essential to provide enough light. Besides, the flowers had to be well structured for creating the welcoming and romantic atmosphere.


As for the color palette, the cool shades and bold color contrasts of white, moss, lavender and gray were used. Moreover, the wooden elements like the chairs, tables and floral vessels also became the significant part of the venue décor. In order to complement the cool shades, the designers decided to incorporate the silver metallic and mercury accents that came in the form of the tall candlesticks.

As the wedding date was close to the Christmas Eve, Olivia wanted to make her family Christmas tradition a part of the wedding celebration by providing guests with the special ornament as a wedding favor. The favors were the balls made from the clear glass, which were filled with the Air Plants and tied with the tags where the guests’ names and table numbers were written.


One of the most memorable moments of the wedding day were the Prayer Scrolls. As both the bride and groom are the religious people as well as their families, the deep spiritual faith played the significant role in the wedding celebration. Olivia picked her favorite scripture dedicated to love, which was later broken into the separate lines and was decorated on to ivory muslin scrolls. Each scroll was placed across the guests’ place before the dinner started, and was later declaimed by the guests in the sequence as a part of the dinner prayer. It was both unique and sentimental,

Napa destination wedding in the wine cave


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