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Key Rules of Mother of the Bride Outfit

In fact the future bride is not the only female that is bothered with her wedding outfit. Usually the mother of the bride worries just as much as a bride about what she will be wearing on the most important day in her daughter’s life. We bring you a few ideas to simplify the outfit choosing process. These five rules will guide you during the search for your perfect mother of the bride look.

5 rules of the mother of the bride outfit

Avoid white
The key rule in the mother of the bride outfit is avoiding the white color, especially in case the bride decides to go for the traditional white or ivory wedding dress. It will be considered to be rude and impolite- no one is supposed to outshine the bride on her wedding day.
Check with the groom’s mother
Mother of the bride outfit has to harmonize with others’looks but without clashing them.  So, it would be better to check with the groom’s mother about her outfit during the wedding planning process. In fact, it is ordinary to discuss the mothers’ outfits since nobody wants to appear in the same looking or clashing gowns on children’s wedding. Another reason for discussing mothers’ outfits is figuring what style each party wants to go for.
Comfortable shoes
We can understand the whim of wearing the chic high heels to your daughter’s wedding, but your feet will probably soon start aching. Thus if you don’t want to feel the pain with your every step, simply wear heels for the wedding ceremony only and then switch to the pair of comfy shoes in the matching style. Take into consideration that besides dancing, you will have to perform many other tasks including talking to the guests.
Bridesmaids matching
If you daughter is a perfectionist and is obsessed with matching principle, then you might want to figure whether she wants your dress to match the bridesmaids’ ones. Some brides just want the mother of the bride dress to be in the same color palette.
Shop in advance
Don’t protract the dress purchasing to the very last moment otherwise you will prove yourself as a disrespectful and irresponsible mother. The sooner you are certain about what you are going to wear to your daughter’s wedding, the more chances are that the mother of the groom will pick out her dress pretty soon too. Be open to communicating with the groom’s mother regarding your dress choosing process.

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