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Best Styles for Bridesmaids Dresses

Choosing the dresses for bridesmaids is often almost as tricky as finding the wedding gown for the bride. While the bride considers one dress style to perfectly suit every single bridesmaid, bridesmaids can find them unattractive. The same principle when it comes to choosing the color- it is really hard to find the hue that would flatter every bridesmaid since they all have the distinct skin and hair tone etc.

So, while choosing the most suitable color for the majority of bridesmaids is still possible, picking the silhouette that will flatter distinct body type is almost impossible. The best option is letting each of your bridesmaids choose her favorite dress silhouette. Simply come up with the same color and fabric. In the result you will have the happy beautiful bridesmaids wearing dresses that they really like.

Bridesmaid dresses for different body types

This graceful mermaid silhouette allows the figure elongating and thinning and will perfectly suit your curvy friend.
Full bosom
This silhouette will flatter the shapely figure owing to the wrap-front bodice and graceful sleeves.


Draw all the attention to the upper part of the body by using original neckline, embellished bodice or jewelry. The slightly flared skirt allows proportions balancing.



Maids with petite bodies will look stunning in the strapless dresses with the tight feet that go all the way to the knees. Dress has to be plain and clean-cut with a wide belt in order to accentuate the waist line.Bridesmaid-dress2

The A-line skirt with side pleating along with the off-the-shoulder neckline can create the illusion of the proportional body.



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