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Why Have Christmas Season Wedding

Christmas season is a busy one but wedding planning can be even more demanding. Putting these two together might seem like a sensible idea for quite a few reasons. Of course, if you’d rather not mix a holiday with your special day or your family and friends have annual travels and celebration plans/commitments it’s best to move your wedding date. Shortly speaking, be sure everyone’s with you on this idea, otherwise don’t expect guests to bother to even RSVP-ing. After all Christmas is a family holiday.

But here is why a Chtistmas season wedding could work:

All family gets together. You won’t have to coordinate with people from immediate and distant family if you just set a wedding day for Christmas Eve or Christmas while everyone’s on holidays and gets together in one place anyway.

Christmas celebration produces a lot of food. So you won’t have to worry that your guests will stay hungry. Just be sure to plan meals if you are having a really big celebration. Also think of all the money you and your guests could save on (combined) holiday presents.

It’s beautiful on Christmas. And it’s not only because streets are lit with lights but also because if you live in a region where it snows the winter wedding can truly be fairy tale-like. You can also get away from all the cold and scurry right after holidays to some warm exotic country.

Of course, there are downsides to having a holiday wedding. Your distant relatives and friends may be away for holidays or have other plans. Vendors are closed on Christmas day, products cost more throughout the season, and it’s generally all about the holiday.

Christmas Wedding tips:

Do try to schedule your wedding a day or two (better week or two) before or after Christmas, in case you want vendors to be open and more people to show up. The Christmas day wedding can work too though if you want a really small and intimate ceremony and are willing to cook dinner and bake cake yourself. The only obstacle is to find a vicar who would marry you on Christmas day.

Send invitations early. You want to make sure everyone comes to your wedding without ruining their holiday plans. At this point we advice to go with a small guest list of very close family and friends to make sure everyone comes. Don’t invite co-workers (unless you know they’d want to come) as they will probably want to be with their family/friends on holidays.

Buy same decorations for Christmas and wedding. This may save you some money as you decorate your home/venue in a similar way and save the wedding decorations for next year’s holiday. Plus you get to try something different.

Celebrate at home. If you want to further save on wedding celebration it can be a good idea to have the wedding at home for a festive and very intimate atmosphere. Wed in a snowy garden and go inside for dinner or cocktail party with friends and family.

What do you think about Christmas wedding? Would you have or attend one?

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