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Weddings Tips on Wedding Budget Distribution

wedding-snacks-buffetIt is an ordinary practice for the bride and groom to wish doing their wedding all over again since they learn so many important things from wedding planning. When looking back at those stressful days of wedding preparations, brides think they shouldn’t have worried that much about certain wedding elements and should have devoted more attention and money to others.

Take into account that what is appropriate for one couple couldn’t work for another one. Let’s take a look at things you could have excluded in your wedding planning and things that have been more important than you thought.

How to distribute the wedding budget

You should spend money on:

A lot of couples tend to ignore the late-night snack since they think that they have a lot of food. But there could be unpredictable situations and your celebration could last longer than you initially planned. In this case the additional food for the guests they tend to get hungry after the long hours of dancing will be exactly to the point.


Décor of altar

Some brides try to save on the altar décor since they consider it to be an insignificant element of the wedding day. But in the result you will get the plenty of wedding ceremony photos with poorly embellished altar.


If you plan to have liquor at your wedding reception, consider spending a significant sum of money of that expense article. Otherwise you will end up worrying about running out before the wedding celebration ends.

You can save on:
Rehearsal dinner

Usually the traveling guests are too tired for the formal sit-down meal and would prefer the more casual atmosphere. So consider setting an informal dinner with a bigger number of guests.

Aisle décor

Another thing you could disregard is the aisle décor. Usually it remains unnoticed during the wedding ceremony except for the moments when someone is walking up and down it.


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