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Top 5 Apps To Make Wedding Planning Easier

Wedding planning can be daunting so a few useful tools can be very helpful in making it easier and more organized. Today smartphones are taking over all aspects of life and sync with all the possible devices to provide easy access and control. The same goes for planning and organizing. You don’t need spreadsheets anymore to figure out your budget, choose a dress, or create a seating plan for guests at the reception. Just pick the app for

Appy Couple

Appy Couple

Appy Couple is an app that has everything or almost everything to plan a great wedding. Manage guest list and RSVPs, share dates, upload photos and videos, send emails and much more. Available for Android and iPhone for $28 for an app and a wedding website.

iBridal Gown app

iBridal Gown

iBridal Gown is a free Anrdoid app that helps to choose a perfect dress for the big day. View, compare and share your favorite gowns and make a final choice. The app is also available for iPhone and is quite educational about silhouettes, fabrics, and other dress details.

Plan Your Wedding with Mindy Weiss app

Plan Your Wedding with Mindy Weiss

If you feel that you need help of a professional wedding planner but don’t have funds for one, an iPhone/iPod touch $9.99 app Plan Your Wedding with Mindy Weiss will give you all the tools to manage guest lists, gifts and other things. Celebrity wedding planner has organized weddings for Gwen Stefani, Ellen DeGeneres and many other stars.

WeddingScan app


If you are doing a registry WeddingScan might be just the app you need to register any product from any store. Once the item is scanned it appears in your registry list on the WeddingScan website. The friends and family can view it and buy gifts from their local store.

iWedding Deluxe — the Wedding Planner

iWedding Deluxe — the Wedding Planner

Need an ultimate wedding planning app? iWedding Deluxe — the Wedding Planner makes it easuer to organize all the possible aspects of wedding from music to a seating plan. Plan your budget, complete to-do lists and store photos with this app to make your wedding planning easy and organized.


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