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Tips on Wedding Music

The right soundtrack for your important day will become one of the instruments to make the celebration unforgettable. Music creates the atmosphere for the whole event so the choice of music is one of the important steps in organizing a wonderful romantic story for you and your guests.

Choosing Wedding Music

Music for wedding, as any good soundtrack, should fit the mood and the situation at any certain moment of celebration. Wedding develops as a story – it has a beginning, the main chapter, and an ending. And music should change accordingly.


This part goes before the official ceremony, when the guests arrive to the wedding and take their seats. Usually it takes about 15 minutes. At this moment music must serve as a very gentle background. Usually for this part jazz or classical music is played. 


Groomsmen and bridesmaids as well as flower girls walk before the bride appears. This part allows more experiments with song choice, it may also be more dynamic, or on the contrary – slow and solemn.


The most sacred and affecting moment when you pronounced a Wife and a Husband can be accompanied with gentle classical music or choir singing (before a reading or while lighting a unity candle), creating a romantic atmosphere.


When a sweet couple leaves the official ceremony, music should be louder and quicker to celebrate this great moment, which implies a wide choice of music starting with never-dying composition of Felix Mendelssohn – Wedding March or something like All I Need by Jack Wagner to All Summer Long by Kid Rock. This moment is a good one to give freedom to your imagination and taste.

It is also important to consider some things for the official part of your wedding. Whether you organize the typical wedding including some religious or other ritual ceremonies or without them. Place – worshipping place, room, hall, open air. Songs by choir, or quiet lyrical music aren’t suited for the open air, as words get lost in the air. Loud bold music is unacceptable for church. The last, but not least – you should count the number of songs to fit the time of all ceremonies. Usually it is good to make a rehearsal for wedding process beforehand along with the music.


This is a tricky part of a celebration. It is important to consider several things before you decide on the music for this part of your wedding. You can decide ito give the musical accompaniment into the hands of experienced professionals or organize it yourself with some help from your iPod. In the first case you have to know some things to choose a decent musician/band/DJ.

Some Tips to Remember

You may need different kinds of musical equipment for indoor and outdoor wedding. Soundtracks for the outdoors should be louder and richer while calm compositions would be excellent for indoor celebration.

In order to create a general theme for the event it is recommended to decide about the type of musical instruments for most of the compositions. Also, if you are going to include special kind of entertainment for your guests, different music should be chosen for these moments. If you are going to include the modern hits into musical accompaniment for your wedding, you should be careful. During the wedding familiar and widely known music is preferrable as it is already accepted by people.

In case if you have some friends who would like to perform, this should be definitely taken into consideration. This may make your event really special.

If you are ready to give the music decisions in hands of a professional, you should be very careful about this choice. Make sure that your wedding is not the first event in their experience. Ask for some music samples that they have. The best option, of course is friend’s or relative’s advice on the musician. It is also helpful to have several candidates for managing the music at your event. In this case unfortunate incidents are least likely to happen.

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