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Tips on Obtaining the Marriage Certificate

Regardless the fact whether you are about to get marry, change your name or get the copy of the old marriage certificate, you could be suffering from the idea of going through the complicated process. In most cases people associate the government institutions with confusion and difficulties.

In fact obtaining the marriage certificate is not as difficult as it might seem once you know who to contact, perform the proper paperwork and make some efforts.

How to obtain the marriage certificate

Figure who provides the marriage certificates in your state since it varies from state to state and is carried by the distinct governmental departments. In some cases this function is held by the statewide office, while in other states it is done on the county-by-county basis.
Find out the county where the marriage will happen since in the majority of states the marriage certificates are provided through the county’s office where the marriage occurs. Once you figure the county, you will know which office to apply to.
Call to the office to see what information is needed for obtaining the marriage certificate. Usually all you need is providing the following docs and information: date of the wedding ceremony, maiden name of the wife, full name of the groom, Social Security number and photo ID or driver’s license.
After you figure all the stated-below information, it is time to write the letter to the suitable office with the certificate request. It is obligatory to state your maiden and married name along with the marriage date and location via mail. Don’t forget to include the stamped envelope with your address otherwise you won’t simply receive the certificate.
Make sure you don’t forget to pay the marriage certificate fee, which usually doesn’t exceed $15. Also consider requesting the marriage certificate online through such websites as VitalChek.

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