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Things to Consider Before Renewing the Wedding Vows

Want to experience the special moment when you spelled the phrase “I do” again in order to celebrate the wedding anniversary or reassert your deep feelings toward one another? Well, just like with the wedding planning, renewing the vows require some preparation in order to ensure the celebration goes smooth.

Renewing the wedding vows

Just like with any celebration, setting the date is essential. A lot of couples prefer to renew their vows on the same day their wedding took place, what makes it a true wedding anniversary celebration. As a rule, the anniversary is celebrated on the 5th, 10th, 25th or 50th year of marriage. Nevertheless in case you want to celebrate it on the date other than your marriage one, go for it.
Those sentimental couples may consider returning to the exact place their wedding was celebrated at or set the ceremony in the same chapel where you said “I do”. In case your wedding venue is far away, consider finding a closer place. One of the options is picking the place that has a special meaning for your couple like the movie theatre where your first date took place. If you are looking for the chic celebration, go for the hotels and resorts that provide the vow renewal packages.
Some of you may wonder what text should be included in the vow. Well, you may simply repeat the vows you said on your wedding day complemented with the new promises or write the totally new text. This is an ideal chance to rethink your life together and your feelings towards one another. While writing your vows, try to concentrate on your future together and avoid talking about the negative feelings.
The ideal way is hiring the person who officiated your couple for the first time. In case you had the civil wedding back then and now look for the religious one, simply find the rabbi, priest or clergyman in the closest synagogue, church or other religious establishment. In the opposite case consider applying to the local government to find the qualified official for your ceremony. But in case this event holds the sentimental character rather than the legal one, simply ask your friend to do the honors.
It is up to you to decide on the number of guests. Even if you plan to have the great amount of guests, it is acceptable as long as you and your husband are happy with that.


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