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Post Wedding Checklist

When the big day is over and you are about to hit the long-awaited honeymoon with your newly-fledged husband, you will be surprised to find out how many tasks you have to perform relating the wedding. We are here to help you with completing the post wedding tasks without forgetting important things.

This is just a brief list of thinks you need to handle once the wedding takes place. The earlier you start to settle each of them up, the quicker you will recover after the wedding.

Post wedding things to do

Thank you cards
Thank you cards are the priority. Don’t forget to get some at the stationary store and make sure to send the card to every guest that gave you the gift including those people that were not able to be present at the wedding but still sent you the present. That’s why it is essential to keep the track of all the gifts you receive. And remember, the thank you cards should be sent within the certain period of time, otherwise you will look rude.
Dry cleaning
You have probably spent the significant part of your wedding budget on the wedding gown and now it is time to have it dry cleaned. Afterwards, carefully placed it in the garment bag and store till the better days.
Wedding photos
That is the memories that will last a lifetime, so it is essential to treat them carefully. Look for the best options of framing and storing them. Keep in mind that these photos are unique and you will hardly have another chance like this, that’s why it is important to have them professionally framed and put in the good quality photo albums.
Besides receiving the gifts, which is a pleasant part, you have to find the right spot for them in your house and sometimes it could get tedious. Allocate the weekend when you and your husband can organize your gifts.
Also, in case you receive the same gifts, it is better return them as soon as possible otherwise you risk not to be able to do that at all.

Arrange the bills
Often couples have some wedding bills left unpaid and that’s something you need to settle up after the wedding takes place.

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