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How to Set a Destination Wedding on a Budget

The fact that you decided to go for the destination wedding doesn’t necessarily mean that you will go over your budget. It is still possible having your wedding in the stunning location but still stay on a budget. Simply try to be rational in your expenses. So, prior to planning anything, sit with your fiancé and decide on the financial plan. This way you will be able to plan the beautiful wedding celebration without worrying of going over your wedding budget.

Destination wedding on a budget

Look for bargains
You will be surprised to find out that a lot of popular destination wedding sites offer all inclusive packages for a relatively low price depending on the season of the year, number of guests etc. However you should consider that the package deals might have some restrictions, so call them directly before you plan anything.
Combining the wedding and honeymoon
One of the methods to save a significant sum of money is combining your wedding celebration and honeymoon since you will get rid of the double expenses on traveling. So, if you dream of the destination wedding on Hawaii, stay there for the honeymoon as well.
Guest list
As a rule the destination weddings are quite cost effective since just a limited number of guests will be able to attend it, what allows many venues to work within your wedding budget. So the key to the low-cost wedding is a shortened guest list. By inviting only your friends and close family members, you will be able to save on the things like food, stationery, centerpieces etc. In case you still want to celebrate your big day with people that were not able to attend your destination wedding, consider throwing a party once you get back from the honeymoon.
Keep in mind that it is always possible to negotiate. So, in case all of your guests stay in the same hotel for a couple days, don’t hesitate to ask for a discount. The manager will be more likely to give way if you are planning to have both the wedding ceremony and reception at the same hotel.
Wedding planner
Hiring the wedding planner is probably the most reasonable idea, especially if you don’t the area well. Wedding planning is a stressful thing itself, but planning a destination wedding could be 100 times harder. Believe me the cost of the wedding planner will be fully paid off with the money you will be able to save in the long run.
Have an open mind
Don’t try to stick to the specific date and location. Keep in mind that some vendors are ready to reduce their prices for the Monday and Tuesday weddings. Another thing to consider is booking the travel, lodging and other services for the off season periods. Be ready to find the compromises on particular details with your wedding vendors in order to meet your wedding budget.

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