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How to Plan Affordable Wedding That Does Not Look Cheap

Some couples spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding celebration. However, with the thorough planning and effort, you may arrange a budget-friendly wedding that will be a no less pleasing experience than the one that costs much more. Cut your budget on the professional services and elements that your family and friends can help with for the lower price or even at no cost.

Tips on Setting Low-Cost Wedding that Looks Expensive

Cut the guest list. Keep in mind that each guest will cost you a penny. Limit the guest number to reduce your budget.

Print out the wedding invitations yourself or purchase the premade ones where you can add information by yourself. There is a bunch of websites that allow creating the wedding invites.


Pick the venue with reasonable cost. In case you want to replace the traditional wedding venue with the restaurant, you might save a significant sum. A lot of restaurants can even provide you with a decent dance floor.

Try to negotiate the price with the wedding venue managers. Avoid the extras that the venue tends to offer. Either cut down or take away the cocktail hour for expenses reducing. If you want to have the dessert at your wedding celebration, limit it to the cake instead of setting the dessert bar.


Plan your wedding either on Friday or Sunday. It is widely known that Saturday is the most costly day for wedding celebration, while Fridays and Sundays are significantly less costly. In case you plan to have a lot of travelling guests, Friday will work best for you.

Consider replacing the traditional five-hour celebration with a four-hour one. One cut hour will save you on the following services: photographer, music and videographer.


Go for the venue that allows having your own bartender and alcohol. This way you will be able to save on drinks purchasing in bulk in advance.

Pick low-cost buffet and menu choices. Avoid the turf and surf, instead order the budget-friendly pasta, chicken and veggie dishes.


Purchase your wedding gown at a bargain or simply rent the one. Examine the sale racks at the numerous bridal stores or consignment boutiques for the decently looking dresses.

Pick the musicians and a photographer that just started their career. The fact that they cannot boast a decent experience doesn’t mean they aren’t professional.


Buy low-cost centerpieces and wedding favors. Candles make up the great centerpieces as well as the party favors and don’t cost too much. Other budget-friendly options are the vases with fake flowers and photo frames with the couple’s photos.


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