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How To Plan A Perfect Wedding Day

Wedding day is supposed to be the best day ever but for most it’s the most stressful day filled with logistical errors, unpleasant surprises, and as a result bad moods and floods of tears. While some have unreasonably high expectations for the day, others simply don’t plan ahead leaving their guests stranded without food or going on prolonged photoshoots that drain everyone of energy required for the ceremony and some fun reception dancing.

A Perfect Wedding Day

The key to having a nice wedding day with minimum stress possible is not planning everything for one day. Leave the photoshoot, the meet and greet with numerous guests, and other such activities for another time. You can schedule a wedding photoshoot a day or two before or after the wedding, meet your travelling guests ahead of time, making the time to have a more personal chitchat with them, and organize an afterparty later when the guests are all well-rested and sober.

A ceremony and a reception are energy-consuming especially if you have them in different places. You have to travel to one then another spot. Take pity on your guests who’ll have to follow. Also leave a bit of time for your groom and yourself to get enough rest before the wedding and have enough time to get ready.

Plan for contingencies ahead of time. Know what to expect and have a few plan Bs to help you deal with anything as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Unfullfilled services are the worst to happen to a couple on a wedding day so be sure there are a couple of available vendors for your date, perharps a free venue close by, and a few helpful contacts that could resolve issues with flowers, decorations, and cake as soon as possible.

If you are having an unconventional wedding where you are just doing something together as a couple instead of having a reception, go for something both of you will enjoy or take turns doing the activities the other person likes. If you are spending time with friends be sure to consider some of their important preferences like those in food, for instance.

Wedding day should truly be special. What it doesn’t have to be is a day when you wish it all ended soon so you could kick off your heels, send loud guests home, and finally eat something.


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