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How to Plan a Marquee Wedding Reception

Wedding marquee
Wedding marquee
The popularity of marquee weddings has been recently increased in a drastic way. Taking into account the fact that it is almost summer now, I assume that the number of such events will even increase. Well, this is not something people can be surprised with – we are so much tired of the regular café and restaurant receptions, that celebrating our big day in an outdoor setting seems to be the best option. If you would like to step away from the traditional inside reception, then you ought to familiarize yourself with the key procedures to follow and most important aspects to keep in mind.

Everything You Need To Know About a Marquee Wedding

If you think that this will be an easy assignment, you are awfully wrong. With a marquee reception one has to start everything from scratch, which is never an easy task. Just imagine that you have a large canvas and you are free to draw whatever you want. Sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? I can guarantee that you are going to enjoy the process a lot and – most importantly – the result. It’s just that you ought to dedicate a certain amount of effort and time, but at the end it all will pay off.

So what should one start with? First of all, you need to decide on the number of your guests – this information will give a clue of how large your marquee should be. You can definitely leave several spots just in case any unexpected attendees will be joining, but other than that your list is to be proofread and finalized. The size of your tent will also depend on the venue: how much space you actually have? When choosing the location, it is very crucial that you consider all details: how accessible the venue is, how much room is allocated for parking and et cetera. What seems to be insignificant from the first sight might create severe problems afterwards, so I would rather recommend you to take care of these aspects beforehand and then fully concentrate on the main questions.

Marquee interior
Marquee interior
The next step would be to choose the style of your tent as well as the design. There are plenty of options available today, so the world is your oyster: you can go for whatever you want, as long as you agree upon it with your other half. Also, keep in mind that it does not have to be a regular boring and moderate interior, just because you are holding an event in a marquee. Give the floor to your imagination and create as beautiful and fascinating setting as you can.

Now when the tent is all set up and ready to host your honorable guests, it is time to plan your menu. This is not going to be a regular wedding feast with tables full of meal and waiters flying around and ready to help you. The best option is to resort to catering services and arrange some simple yet delicious menu. Anything that can be consumed easily will do, so feel free to go for any sort of dishes, drinks and desserts that will not require a lot of kitchen utensils.

This is the most important information one needs to know when arranging a marquee wedding reception. Now that you are enlightened, you can switch from the planning to preparation mode and put your boldest ideas in life.


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